MVIC Symposium 2021 Cancelled

Very unfortunate, frustrating and even sad, we have to postpone MVIC Symposium 2021, scheduled for 13–14 October 2021. The Swedish government announced prior to summer that meetings with more than 50 attendees would be allowed starting from 1st of October.
Last week however and due to the Delta variant, this will not happen. This means that we cannot arrange a meaningful Symposium face-to-face nor as a digital event.

Symposium Training

We will run MVIC Training – CMC for inhalation Products as planned, Monday 11th – Tuesday 12th of October 2021. MVIC Specialists will be giving lectures, and it is a great opportunity to learn more about for example Aerosol physics, Dry powder Inhaler products, Liquid formulations and nasal products and Development aspects and modelling. Find more information about the training here

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