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When leading inhalation development projects, there are three things that guarantee success. A skilled project manager, and a full-fledged span of competence and a vast experience in inhalation technology.

Thats’ us!

MVIC Symposium

MVIC Symposium 2024

16-17 October 2024, MVIC will arrange MVIC Symposium 2024 in Lund, Sweden.
You will be able to listen to presentations about advancements in the development of inhaled medicines, visit our sponsor exhibition and our growing poster exhibition, mingle with other delegates and participate in our joyful conference dinner.
MVIC Symposium is an inhalation conference that is held in October every year, face-to-face at the Medicon Village site in Lund, Sweden.
Wed 16 Oct
– October 17, 2024
Day 1: 08.30–17.40
Day 2: 08.30–13.00

Read more about MVIC Symposium.

MVIC Inhalation in Lund Sweden
MVIC Training 2024

MVIC arranges two training occasions 2024, one in the spring and one in the autumn. The subject of the trainings is Inhalation Product Development.

MVIC experts will give lectures, and it is a great opportunity to learn more about for example Aerosol physics, Dry powder Inhaler products, Liquid formulations and nasal products and Development aspects and modelling.

MVIC Spring Training 2024 has already been held. The next training occasion is in the autumn.

MVIC Autumn Training 2024 will be held Monday 14th – Tuesday 15th of October,  in connection to the MVIC Symposium.

MVIC services

1000 years of inhalation experience

MVIC has GMP facilities, well equipped labs, advanced instrumentation and highly skilled staff. We are about 70 inhalation experts, 27 with a PhD, representing over 1000 years of inhalation experience. MVIC can offer a wide and comprehensive range of services and is a one-stop-shop for inhalation product development.


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