Travel & hotel information

To make it easy for you to visit our symposium we have put together a list of recommendations and directions in the preparation of your stay in Lund, Sweden.

Visiting Adress to the MVIC Symposium

Visiting adress:
Medicon Village, The Spark
Scheeletorget 1
SE-223 63 Lund

How to get to the MVIC Symposium

International Airports:
Copenhagen – CPH, 40 min by taxi to Medicon Village
Malmö Airport – MMX, 30 min by taxi to Medicon Village

Train from Kastrup, Denmark to Lund Central Station, Sweden

When arriving at Kastrup airport find your way to terminal 3. Pass the check in counters and stop when you see billing machines. Enter Lund C as final destination when buying tickets. The train for Lund C (Sweden) leaves from platform 1.

When arriving at Lund C (ca 50 minutes train ride from Kastrup) leave the train platform to your right with respect to the direction of travel. Use the exit towards the central parts of Lund (Towards Bang. And the ”1″ ) . (In the map you are coming from the bottom and the train leaves at the top).

To plan your trip with the train visit the website Skånetrafiken.

Taxi Lund C to hotel

Taxis can be found to the left when you are exiting the railroad stations. Use the link for taxis below and look for taxis marked ”TaxiKurir”.

The following link can be used to book a taxi from the railroad station (Lund Central) to your hotel: www.taxiskane.com.

Car parking at Medicon Village, Lund

We recommend car parking in the Mobility House “The Butterfly” at Medicon Village. Closest address is Scheelevägen 2, Lund.

Parking tickets are bought in ticket machines in the Mobility House or through parking apps (Parkster, Easypark or Mobill). You find the correct zone code at signs in the facility.

Hourly rate: 14 SEK/h Mon-Fri (07 am – 07 pm) and Sat (9 am – 4 pm). Remaining hours 3 SEK/h.

Opening hours: 05 am – 01 am.


Please, book your stay at their websites.

Hotel recommendations within walking distance:

Elite Hotel Ideon, Lund
Elite Hotel Ideon, Lund
Scheelevägen 27, SE-223 63 Lund

Hotel recommendations within close/20 min walking distance, 5 minutes with car:
Motel L i Lund
Telefongatan 14, 224 81 Lund

Best Western Hotel Plus Planetstaden
Dalbyvägen 38, 22460 SE-Lund


Hotel recommendations in the centre of Lund
Best Western Plus Hotell Nordic Lund
Östra Mårtensgatan 5, SE-223 61 Lund

Hotel Lundia
Knut den Stores Torg 2, SE-221 04 Lund