XRPD with Synchrotrone Radiation

MVIC sub-contractor Magle Chemoswed, in collaboration with Lund University, has used the synchrotron facility at MAX IV and compared it with standard XRPD (X-RayPowder Diffraction) approach. Utilizing this technique, the signal-to-noise ratio was significantly increased, allowing for much lower detection limits but also more precise and sensitive identification of crystalline content or presence of polymorphic […]

Useful Read – Publication of MVIC Colleagues

MVIC would like to tip our readers about a very comprehensive and educational publication that MVIC colleagues have been co-authored. So, do not miss “Inhaled Medicines: Past, Present, and Future” found here:

AB FIA – Dose Collection Equipment

Dose Collection Equipment

AB FIA has recently consolidated all of its business divisions to Medicon Village in Lund, where FIA’s machine shop has resided since 2012. The integration of all FIA services such as engineering, machining, prototype building, and bench-scale product testing will give FIA shorter lead-times and create an even more innovative environment, according to Kjell Fransson, managing director of FIA.

MVIC Member Emmace Accredited – ISO 17025:2017

ISO 17025_2017 Emmace

MVIC member Emmace is one of a few test laboratories in the world which is accredited according to ISO 17025:2017 and covers the methods described in standard ISO 18562, Biocompatibility evaluation of breathing gas pathways in healthcare applications.

Inhalation Talks MVIC and Emmace – IVIVC

Inhalation Talks MVIC and Emmace – IVIVC

See our video and learn more about IVIVC (In Vitro In Vivo Correlation) and Mimetikos Preludium™ software, a modeling package for estimating regional deposition of inhaled aerosols in the human respiratory tract and what happens ’after the particle has landed’.

Inhalation Talks MVIC and Emmace – Inhalation Product Testing

Inhalation product testing and characterisation requires product understanding as well as capabilities for performing the tests. MVIC has the experience and high level of quality. See our video to find out more about inhalation product testing and characterisation.

Inhalation Talks MVIC and Galenica

Formulations are key components in development of inhalation products. Please have a look at our film to find out how MVIC can help you with your formulation projects, and if it is interesting just contact us for more information.